Regular Pattern of Services in the Benefice

We have an extensive and varied regular schedule of services across the benefice as shown below.

Coronavirus Provisions

While the Coronavirus outbreak continues, the regular pattern of services (below) may not be possible. Please consult this month's service schedule for exact details of services during this period.
An on-line service is held every Sunday at 10am.

Sunday 25th July

James the Apostle
08.00 Holy Communion, Edington
10.00 On-line Service
11.00 St James' Patronal Festival, Bratton
11.00 Family Service, Edington
11.00 Morning Service, Erlestoke

Every Sunday

10.00am - On-line Service

We host a service on line through Zoom.
Click below to join the service from 09.55am.

Sunday 6.00pm
 - Informal Prayers, Bratton Church
Monday 6.00pm - Informal Prayers, Edington Priory Church

Informal prayers lasting no more than 30 minutes.
Drop in and join us!

For our on-line services and meetings we use the Zoom application. It runs on phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.
If you have not used Zoom before, click "Join the Service" then follow the instructions to download and install the free Zoom application. Wait to be admitted. To be heard and/or seen by others, enable audio and video - DO NOT click "Share Screen".
If you have headphones, please use them.

BECIE Benefice Regular Schedule of Services

The table below shows our regular pattern of services each month.
Please check this month's service schedule and the benefice calendar for any changes to this pattern.

Sunday Services







08:00 Holy Communion P

11:00 Family Service

09:30 Parish Communion

11:00 Parish Communion


08:00 Holy Communion

11:00 Parish Communion
18:00 Sing Praise

09:30 Parish Communion t

18:30 Evensong P


08:00 Holy Communion P

11:00 Footprints

09:30 Parish Communion

11:00 Parish Communion


11:00 Parish Communion

08:00 Parish Communion P
11:00 Family Service
18:30 Evensong P

11:00 Village Service


11:00 Benefice Service
in one of the four churches

P = Book of Common Prayer
t = traditional language variant of Common Worship, Order 1

Midweek Services



Time, Venue




17:30 Erlestoke

Evening Prayer


17:30 Coulston

Evening Prayer


2nd, 3rd & 4th

14:30 Edington
09:30 Edington

17:30 Edington


Evening Prayer


09:00 Edington
17:30 The Rectory (for Imber)

Morning Prayer
Evening Prayer


17:30 Bratton Church

Evening Prayer

We hold a wide variety of services incorporating very different styles of worship.
Please feel free to experiment with which services suit you best. 

Sunday 16th May

7th Sunday Of Easter

08.00 Holy Communion, Bratton
09.30 Parish Communion, Edington
10.00 On-line Service
11.00 Footprints - God's Protection, Bratton
11.00 Parish Communion, Coulston

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