What We Believe

There are lots of ways to express what Christians believe. Some of them are rather formal, others are much less so. We have presented some of our own thoughts below and if you click the Church of England link below you will find links to much more detail.

God the Creator

We believe that everything that exists was made by God - everything we can see and things we can't see.

God is Love

We believe that the very essence of God is love and that every time we experience love, that love has come from God.
We believe that God loves everything that he has made and wants all of his creation to love him too.

What's more we believe that he wants us to love his creation as much as we love ourselves.

God in Jesus

Those who met Jesus and got to know him came to think that in Jesus they had met God. We believe that too.

God the Holy Spirit

We believe that God is present in everything that he has made, and we call that presence The Holy Spirit.

Our churches are members of The Church of England. Here is The Church of England's page entitled "What we believe."

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